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Full label name: Emmo.biz Records
a.k.a Emmo Biz
The label's primary country is Germany
Label start date: 2012
Label end date: 31st December 2017
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Assimilated News via CyberNoise

  • 15/08/2016: Calva Y Nada to release 'Das Böse macht ein freundliches Gesicht' on 30/09/2016 via Emmo.biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Calva-Y-Nada/Das-Bse-macht-ein-freundliches-Gesicht-Special-Edition.html
  • 16/05/2016: Apoptygma Berzerk @APOPLOVESYOU to release limited 12" single 'Xenogenesis' on 15/07/2016 via emmo biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Apoptygma-Berzerk/Xenogenesis-Special-Edition.html
  • 28/03/2016: Emmo.biz to reissue Nitzer Ebb's @nitzerebb 'Industrial Complex' 29/04/2016 on 2xCD with new remixes http://www.emmo.biz/en/Emmobiz-Records/Nitzer-Ebb/Industrial-Complex-DCD-Box-Edition.html
  • 23/11/2015: Officially stream snippets of new Nitzer Ebb remixes on Emmo.biz 'Industrial Complex' 2xLP reissue https://youtu.be/YJap1DxJm1Q
  • 16/11/2015: iEuropean @iEuropean feat. Wolfgang Flür @iwasarobot to release 'Activity Of Sound' single on 12"/CD5 05/02/2016 via emmo-biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/I-European-feat-Wolfgang-Flr-/Activity-of-Sound-Set.html
  • 12/10/2015: Calva Y Nada to release '¡Palpita, Corazón, Palpita!' on 18/11/2015 via Emmo.biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Calva-Y-Nada/Palpita-Corazn-Palpita-Special-Edition.html
  • 28/09/2015: Emmo.biz to reissue Nitzer Ebb's @nitzerebb 'Industrial Complex' album on coloured vinyl 05/02/2016 http://www.emmo.biz/htm/20150923165242.htm
  • 13/04/2015: Apoptygma Berzerk @APOPLOVESYOU to release limited 12" single 'Videodrome' on 28/04/2015 via emmo biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Apoptygma-Berzerk/Videodrome.html
  • 19/01/2015: Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip to release new single 'Fools' on 10/04/2015 via Emmo.biz. Preorder now http://emmo.jgsmedia.de/en/Emmobiz-Records/Lether-Strip-/FOOLS-A-tribute-to-Alan-Wilder-Special-Edition.html
  • 19/01/2015: New @Leaether_Strip single 'Fools' is a tribute to Alan Wilder @recoilboss of @depechemode http://stripmaterial.com/info/discog_event_single.php?9421 @Ultra_Depeche @homemode
  • 08/12/2014: Love? release new single 'I Walk Alone' via Bandcamp https://emmobizrecords.bandcamp.com/album/i-walk-alone
  • 10/11/2014: Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip to release new album 'Æppreciation' on 12/12/2014 via Emmo.biz. Preorder now http://stripmaterial.com/ss/sm/buy/buy_leatherstrip.php
  • 10/11/2014: Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip to release new limited edition single 'Dirt' on 12/12/2014 via Emmo.biz. Preorder now http://stripmaterial.com/ss/sm/buy/buy_leatherstrip.php
  • 29/09/2014: Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip to release new cover versions album 'Æppreciation'. A new single/video 'Decay' will be released on 13/11/2014
  • 15/09/2014: NZ to release new EP 'Aggressions' on 03/10/2014 via Emmo.biz Records http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/NZ/Aggressions.html
  • 24/02/2014: Leæther Strip @Leaether_Strip posts trailer for new album 'Æscapism' http://youtu.be/pwD29Uix38w + http://www.stripmaterial.com/
  • 03/02/2014: Apoptygma Berzerk @APOPLOVESYOU to release limited 12" single 'Stop Feeding The Beast' on 22/02/14 via emmo biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Apoptygma-Berzerk/Stop-Feeding-the-Beast-black-Vinyl.html
  • 20/01/2014: Welle Erdball @Welle_Erdball to release new album "Tanzmusik für Roboter" on 21/02/2014 via emmo.biz http://www.emmo.biz/de/Welle-Erdball
  • 04/11/2013: Calva Y Nada to release 'Dias Felizes' album on three different formats on 06/12/2013 via Emmo.biz - http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Calva-Y-Nada/Dias-Felizes-Box.html
  • 04/11/2013: Love? to release 'Electronically Yours' on two different formats on 01/11/2013 via Emmo.biz - http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Love/Electronically-Yours-Box.html
  • 05/08/2013: Apoptygma Berzerk to release a single 'Major Tom' via emmo.biz - http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Apoptygma-Berzerk/Major-Tom-EP-Collectors-Edition.html
  • 24/06/2013: Calva Y Nada reissues are being released by Emmo.biz Records starting with 'El Peste Perverso Lleva Mi Peluca'. Pre-order now - http://www.emmo.biz/de/Emmobiz-Records/Calva-Y-Nada/El-Peste-Perverso-Lleva-Mi-Peluca.html
  • 08/10/2012: Pre-orders for physical/digital versions of the new Leæther Strip 'Object ÆP' are now available. Physical including very limited box set (99 copies) - http://emmo.jgsmedia.de/de/Emmobiz-Records/Leaether-Strip/Object-P-Box.html + digital http://leaetherstrip.bandcamp.com/album/object-aep
  • 03/09/2012: Covenant to reissue their 'Dreams Of A Cryotank' album as a limited edition 2xvinyl LP picture disc set via emmo.biz (limited to 500 copies) - http://emmo.jgs-media.de/content/shop/produkte.aspx?kategorieID=509
  • 06/08/2012: Klutæ's new limited edition album 'EXEcution' (out on 05/10/2012 via emmo.biz) is now available to pre-order (be quick, it's very limited) - http://emmo.jgs-media.de/content/shop/details.aspx?ProduktID=16984&KategorieID=2941&keyword=KLUT%C3%86
  • 30/07/2012: Klutæ to release a new limited edition album 'EXEcution' on 05/10/2012 via emmo.biz - http://www.stripmaterial.com/
  • 30/04/2012: Angst Pop to release on 25/05/2012 a limited edition blue vinyl LP and also CD 'Ødipus Rex 2012' - http://emmo.jgs-media.de/content/shop/produkte.aspx?kategorieID=4986
  • 20/12/2011: Leæther Strip announces very limited vinyl+CD release of the 20th Anniversary of the original 'Yes I'm Limited'. Available to order now http://emmo.jgs-media.de/content/news/detail.asp?ID=209
  • 28/11/2011: Leæther Strip to release a 20th Anniversary Edition of his original (and very rare) 'Yes I'm Limited'. The new version will be a 500 only limited edition on 12' vinyl with a CD - http://emmo.jgs-media.de/content/shop/produkte.aspx?kategorieID=1105


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