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Full label name: Wax Trax II Records
a.k.a WaxTrax II Records
The label's primary country is the United States
Label start date: 2001
Label end date: current
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Assimilated News via CyberNoise

  • 19/03/2018: Blume to release new album 'Ashes' on 04/05/2018 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii138
  • 19/03/2018: Autoclav1.1 @autoclav to release new album 'makeshift.splint' on 08/06/2018 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii137
  • 19/03/2018: AlterRed @AlterRed to release new album 'Trauma; Trauma Reinforcement' on 13/07/2018 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii139
  • 23/10/2017: Blume release new single 'Blackening' via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii136 | https://wtiirecords.bandcamp.com/album/blackening
  • 23/10/2017: Forces Of Light to release new album 'Darklights' on 17/11/2017 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii133 | https://wtiirecords.bandcamp.com/album/darklights
  • 14/08/2017: Autoclav1.1 @autoclav / Displacer @displacer release new album 'Spacetime' via @WTIIRecords https://geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/album/spacetime/id1256887611?app=itunes&at=11l7jb
  • 14/08/2017: am.psych @ampsychOfficial release new album 'Cold Wars' via @WTIIRecords https://geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/album/cold-wars/id1268771640?app=itunes&at=11l7jb
  • 24/07/2017: .@WTIIRecords offer 18 track compilation '2017 WTII Records Label Sampler' as Name Your Price download https://wtiirecords.bandcamp.com/album/2017-wtii-records-label-sampler
  • 24/07/2017: nTTx @nttxmusic posts video for 'MoveDark' https://youtu.be/lWte0-q9gco
  • 17/07/2017: nTTx @nttxmusic to release new single 'Of Beauty And Chaos' on 14/07/2017 via @WTIIRecords https://wtiirecords.bandcamp.com/album/of-beauty-and-chaos-2
  • 03/07/2017: nTTx @nttxmusic to release new single 'Of Beauty And Chaos' on 14/07/2017 via @WTIIRecords
  • 10/10/2016: Officially stream the new Mechanical Cabaret @Roi_MCabaret album 'Ortonesque' https://soundcloud.com/mechanical-cabaret/ortonesque-song-by-song
  • 18/07/2016: Mechanical Cabaret @Roi_MCabaret to release new album 'Ortonesque' on 07/10/2016 via @WTIIRecords https://twitter.com/roi_mcabaret/status/752782053217804288
  • 13/06/2016: CHANT @ChantProject post video for 'Brave New Apocalyse (Live 2015)' https://youtu.be/FIHH8DBUhys
  • 09/05/2016: Autoclav1.1 @autoclav to release new album 'The Gates Of Greenhead Park' in 2016 via @WTIIRecords http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=06165dc774242e2e9858a4f1f&id=408753b2c6&e=a0c249e061
  • 18/04/2016: nTTx @nttxmusic posts video for 'Bastion' https://youtu.be/59vZVn_6KCw
  • 28/03/2016: .@WTIIRecords offer FREE download '15th Anniversary Compilation (Mixed by DJ Jeff Moyer)' https://wtiirecords.bandcamp.com/album/wtii-records-15th-anniversary-compilation-mixed-by-dj-jeff-moyer | http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii121
  • 01/02/2016: nTTx @nttxmusic to release new single 'Objective EP' on 08/04/2016 via @WTIIRecords http://us8.campaign-archive2.com/?u=06165dc774242e2e9858a4f1f&id=d3953b9564&e=a0c249e061
  • 21/12/2015: nTTx @nttxmusic to release new EP in 2016 via @WTIIRecords http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=06165dc774242e2e9858a4f1f&id=194a27f8fc&e=a0c249e061
  • 02/11/2015: AlterRed @AlterRed post video for 'I Breathe You' https://youtu.be/cdcPMPzxkYA
  • 22/06/2015: Comasoft @comasoft to release new single 'Let's Go All The Way' later in 2015 via @WTIIRecords https://soundcloud.com/wtii-records/comasoft-i-wont-tell-if-you-dont
  • 15/06/2015: ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse to release new album 'Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 3 : PENANCE' on 14/09/2015 via @WTIIRecords https://www.facebook.com/ElectronicSubstanceAbuse/posts/10153092627068019
  • 25/05/2015: CHANT @ChantProject to release new album 'Brave New Apocalypse' on 18/07/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://bravenewapocalypse.com/
  • 18/05/2015: AlterRed @AlterRed to release new album 'In The Land Of The Blind…' on 07/08/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=alterred stream teaser https://soundcloud.com/m-alterred/teaser-1
  • 20/04/2015: Mechanical Cabaret @Roi_MCabaret to reissue remastered 'We Have An Agenda' album on 10/07/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=mechcab
  • 16/02/2015: AlterRed @AlterRed announce UK tour dates+new album 'Unpopulist' coming summer 2015 via @WTIIRecords https://www.facebook.com/AlterRedMusic/posts/10153135465504612 | http://cybernoise.com/info/releases_upcoming.php
  • 19/01/2015: Mechanical Cabaret @Roi_MCabaret to release 'I Lost My Friend To A Video Game' 10 track digital single on 20/01/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii103
  • 22/12/2014: Sister Machine Gun @SisterMachinGun to release new album 'The Future Unformed' on 10/03/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii105
  • 22/12/2014: Regenerator to release new album 'Hunger' on 10/03/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii106
  • 22/12/2014: The Gothsicles @dark_NES to release new digital EP 'Nyarlat Hot' on 20/01/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii104
  • 22/12/2014: State Of The Union @SebastianJohann to release new album 'The Lost Ship' on 12/05/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=sotu
  • 22/12/2014: Deathproof @hunger_for_less to release new album 'Settosmash' on 12/05/2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=deathp
  • 22/12/2014: Autoclav1.1 @autoclav to release new album 'Werewolf Country' in 2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=autoclav
  • 22/12/2014: AlterRed @AlterRed to release new album in 2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=alterred
  • 22/12/2014: Deviant UK @Deviantjay to release new album in 2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=duk
  • 22/12/2014: Mechanical Cabaret @Roi_MCabaret to reissue 3 albums in 2015 with remixes + unreleased bonus tracks via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=mechcab
  • 22/12/2014: Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA) to release new album in 2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=esa
  • 22/12/2014: Frontal Boundary to release new album 'Anthem Of A Shattered Mind' in 2015 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/artists/artist.php?id=frontalb
  • 27/10/2014: .@WTIIRecords offer FREE download of 27 track compilation '2014 Free Sampler (Extended Edition)' http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii100
  • 13/10/2014: .@WTIIRecords to release new FREE 27 track compilation '2014 Free Sampler (Extended Edition)' on 21/10/2014 http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii100
  • 13/10/2014: AlterRed @AlterRed post video for 'Better Than Mending' http://youtu.be/CQ8BQ5BmQR0
  • 15/09/2014: Stars Crusaders @StarsCrusaders to release new album 'New Horizons' on 11/11/2014 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii102
  • 15/09/2014: AlterRed @AlterRed to release new album 'The Electro Creep Show' on 14/10/2014 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii099
  • 28/07/2014: WTII @WTIIRecords summer sale now on http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=06165dc774242e2e9858a4f1f&id=74bb50d875&e=a0c249e061
  • 14/04/2014: Slave Unit @slaveunit release new album 'Through With You' via @WTIIRecords https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/through-with-you/id848769013?uo=4&at=11l7jb
  • 14/04/2014: State Of The Union release new album 'My Time Away' via @WTIIRecords https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-time-away/id802941486?uo=4&at=11l7jb stream teaser https://soundcloud.com/stateoftheunion/my-time-away-album-sample-mix
  • 14/04/2014: Stiff Valentine @StiffValentine release new album 'Empire Of Death' via @WTIIRecords https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/empire-of-death/id826436853?uo=4&at=11l7jb
  • 14/04/2014: Autoclav1.1 @autoclav to release new album 'ten.one.point.one.' on 24/06/2014 via @WTIIRecords http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii098
  • 28/10/2013: Die Sektor to release new album '(-) existence' on 12/11/2013 via WTII Records - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii093
  • 28/10/2013: Stiff Valentine to release new album 'Empire Of Illusion' on 12/11/2013 via WTII Records - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii094
  • 23/09/2013: Officially stream Mechanical Cabaret audio clips from their new album 'Beyond Science And Superstition' - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii091
  • 09/09/2013: Blume to release new album 'Autumn Ruins' on 10/09/2013 via WTII - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii087
  • 09/09/2013: Rein[Forced] to release 2xCD remix album 'Pre-Existing Conditions' on 10/09/2013 via WTII - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii090
  • 15/07/2013: WTII Records are offering a summer sale on CDs - http://www.wtiirecords.com/store/music.php?id=cd
  • 17/06/2013: S.M.P. releases new album 'Death Of The Format'. Buy it now via the WTII web site - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii086
  • 27/05/2013: S.M.P. to release new album 'Death Of The Format' on 11/06/2013 via WTIIRecords - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii086
  • 11/03/2013: S.M.P. to release a new album 'Death Of The Format' on 11/06/2013 via WTII - http://www.smphq.com/
  • 21/01/2013: Mechanical Cabaret announce new best of release 'Selective Hearing' for 26/02/2013 via WTII Records - http://mechanicalcabaret.co.uk/news.html
  • 29/10/2012: Prometheus Burning release their new album 'Kill It With Fire' via WTII Records on 13/11/2012 - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii082
  • 23/04/2012: WTII Records offers FREE 'Spring 2012' album sampler via Amazon MP3 (USA only) including Klutae and SMP - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007L0XY6E/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=burnheli-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B007L0XY6E
  • 14/02/2012: WTII Records are offering a FREE downloadable sampler (registration required) including SMP and Klutæ - http://www.wtiirecords.com/releases/release.php?pid=wtii075


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