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Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions [Album]

Product Special Name: Untold Stories - New Edition

German limited edition 2xCD
released via Emmo.biz with unknown catalogue number

Leæther Strip Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions German CD ? product image photo cover
Format: 2xCD
Country of origin: Germany
Label: Emmo.biz
Catalogue number: unknown
EAN/barcode: none or currently unknown
Release date: 15th March 2014
Limited Edition: Yes
Promotional item: No
Counterfeit/Bootleg/Unofficial: No
Quantity manufactured: 500

Track Listing:

Disc 1
Reunited With My Bitterness
Listen To The Children Pray
Blind Mans Bluff
Untold Stories
True Glory - False Heroes
Ever Changing Landscapes
Love Is Dead
I Feel No Shame
Silver Mist
I Am Him - He Is Me
The Queen Of The Dusk
For The Ones We Lost
Disc 2
Ever Changing Landscapes (featuring Anne Goldacker)
Silver mist (featuring Anne Goldacker)
Hate Me 2011
Budapæst Noir
Unerzählte Geschichten (featuring Rummelsnuff)
Vollnarkose (with Rummelsnuff)
Reunited With My Bitterness (Club mix by Psychopomps)
The End Of The Road (Final Words Mix by Front Line Assembly)
Reunited With My Bitterness (Ehron VonAllen Mix)
Reunited With My Bitterness (Endless Dark Mix by Why The Misery)
Listen To The Children Pray (Gospel Mix by Implant)
Reunited With My Bitterness (Nu Retro rmx by Implant)
Listen To The Children Pray (Autodafeh Remix)
Listen To The Children Pray (Bitch Slap Mix by Decoded Feedback)
Listen To The Children Pray (Robotiko Rejekto Remix)

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