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Cleopatra (Label) Catalography

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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Various Artists100 Tears – A Tribute To The CureAlbumCLEO 0001May 1997view icon
Various ArtistsVampire ThemesAlbumCLEO 0003May 1997view icon
Various ArtistsTotentanz Volume 2: The History Of Zoth OmmogAlbumCLEO 0005Jun 1997view icon
Bio-TekBio-TekAlbumCLEO 0013Jun 1997view icon
Various ArtistsHolidays In The Sun Volume 2AlbumCLEO 0015Jun 1997view icon
Captain SensibleThe Best OfAlbumCLEO 0041Aug 1997view icon
Switchblade SymphonyDroolSingleCLEO 0042view icon
Switchblade SymphonyDroolSingleCLEO 0042view icon
NatureIndoor/OutdoorAlbumCLEO 0051Nov 1997view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaBlood BrothersAlbumCLEO 0053Nov 1997view icon
Tangerine DreamZeitgeist Concert - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, London 2010AlbumCLEO 0055view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Gate Of Saturn - Live At The Lowry Manchester 2011AlbumCLEO 0056view icon
Tangerine DreamKnights Of Asheville: Live At Moogfest - Asheville, NC 2011AlbumCLEO 0057view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Angel Of The West WindowAlbumCLEO 0058view icon
Tangerine DreamFinnegans WakeAlbumCLEO 0059view icon
Various ArtistsTrancemode Express 2.01 - A Trance Tribute To Depeche ModeAlbumCLEO 0084view icon
Switchblade SymphonyBread And Jam For FrancesAlbumCLEO 00981997view icon
Information SocietyDon't Be AfraidAlbumCLEO 01021998view icon
YamoTime PieAlbumCLEO 01191997view icon
TransmutatorFunky DiscoSingleCLEO 0130Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsA Tribute To Dead Can DanceAlbumCLEO 0131Feb 1998view icon
Kill Switch… KlickAltAlbumCLEO 01371997view icon
Various ArtistsStars Of EuropeAlbumCLEO 0155Nov 1997view icon
DeleriumSpheresAlbumCLEO 0156Nov 1997view icon
DeleriumSpiritual ArchivesAlbumCLEO 0157Nov 1997view icon
ColourboxTrain To Chroma CityAlbumCLEO 0158Nov 1997view icon
Pat TraversWhiskey BluesAlbumCLEO 0160Nov 1997view icon
Marc Bolan & John's ChildrenSmashed BlockAlbumCLEO 0161Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsSka GiantsAlbumCLEO 0162Nov 1997view icon
El LassoMost Of Us Prefer Not To ThinkAlbumCLEO 0163Nov 1997view icon
SpaceShip EyesCheebahcabraAlbumCLEO 0164Nov 1997view icon
Various Artists60's/70's In Search Of SpaceAlbumCLEO 0165Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsDrums In The JungleAlbumCLEO 0166Nov 1997view icon
NosferatuLord Of The FliesAlbumCLEO 0168Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsDubnologyAlbumCLEO 0169Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsDubnology Volume 2AlbumCLEO 0170Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsTribal GatheringAlbumCLEO 0171Nov 1997view icon
Various ArtistsArea 51 - The Rosewell IncidentAlbumCLEO 0172Nov 1997view icon
999HomicideAlbumCLEO 0178Jan 1998view icon
Virgin PrunesSons Find DevilsAlbumCLEO 0179Jan 1998view icon
Michael RotherChronicles 1AlbumCLEO 0184Feb 1998view icon
Heaven 17Bigger Than AmericaAlbumCLEO 0187Jan 1998view icon
Gary NumanThe MixAlbumCLEO 0192Apr 1998view icon
Spahn RanchRetrofitAlbumCLEO 0195Mar 1998view icon
ChandeenA Taste Of GingerAlbumCLEO 0197Feb 1998view icon
Various ArtistsHeavenly VoicesAlbumCLEO 0198Feb 1998view icon
Various ArtistsFuture WaveAlbumCLEO 0199Mar 1998view icon
Gary NumanExileAlbumCLEO 0200Feb 1998view icon
MotörheadThe Singles CollectionAlbumCLEO 0203Feb 1998view icon
The StranglersFriday The ThirteenthAlbumCLEO 0206Feb 1998view icon
David JOn GlassAlbumCLEO 0210Mar 1998view icon
Sham 69The Punk SIngles Collection 77-80AlbumCLEO 0221Mar 1998view icon
Various ArtistsGothspottingAlbumCLEO 0224Mar 1998view icon
Various ArtistsMerry MaladiesAlbumCLEO 0226Apr 1998view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Analogue Space Years 69-73AlbumCLEO 0227Apr 1998view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubUnholy RollerAlbumCLEO 0235Apr 1998view icon
Various ArtistsA Homage To NeuAlbumCLEO 0300Jun 1998view icon
Various ArtistsCryogenic StudiosAlbumCLEO 03071998view icon
Various ArtistsBlackest Album 1 - An Industrial Tribute To MetallicaAlbumCLEO 0323view icon
Various ArtistsThe Black BibleBox SetCLEO 0387May 1999view icon
Mephisto WaltzImmersionAlbumCLEO 0392Apr 1999view icon
Spahn RanchBeat NoirAlbumCLEO 0420Apr 1999view icon
Christian DeathThe Best OfAlbumCLEO 0427Apr 1999view icon
Die LaughingIncarnations: A RetrospectiveAlbumCLEO 0438Apr 1999view icon
Razed In BlackSacrificedAlbumCLEO 0475Apr 1999view icon
Sleep ChamberSentinel Serenade: The Best Of…AlbumCLEO 0480Apr 1999view icon
Information SocietyInsoc RecombinantAlbumCLEO 0490Apr 1999view icon
Midnight ConfigurationDark DesiresAlbumCLEO 0500Apr 1999view icon
Various ArtistsThe Unquiet GraveAlbumCLEO 0524Apr 1999view icon
Switchblade SymphonyThree CalamatiesAlbumCLEO 0549view icon
Various ArtistsGlam GoldmineAlbumCLEO 0560Jul 1999view icon
Psychic TVBest Ov: Time's UpAlbumCLEO 0588Jun 1999view icon
RovoPhoenix RisingAlbumCLEO 0674view icon
Various ArtistsDubstep Side Of The MoonAlbumCLEO 0677view icon
Various ArtistsVan Halen Tribute: Hot For RemixesAlbumCLEO 0698Oct 1999view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubEmpathy For The DevilAlbumCLEO 0715Oct 1999view icon
Various ArtistsBlackest Album 2 - An Industrial Tribute To MetallicaAlbumCLEO 0788view icon
Various ArtistsCovered In Nails - A Tribute To NINAlbumCLEO 0863view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is IndustrialAlbumCLEO 0931view icon
Various ArtistsRecovered In Nails - A Tribute To NIN 2AlbumCLEO 0980view icon
Various ArtistsA Gothic-Industrial Tribute To Smashing PumpkinsAlbumCLEO 0983view icon
Various ArtistsGothic Vampires From Hell & Covered In GothAlbumCLEO 0987view icon
ChromeThe VisitationSingleCLEO 1000view icon
NosferatuLegendAlbumCLEO 1016view icon
PressurehedSudden VertigoAlbumCLEO 1017view icon
Various ArtistsGothic RockAlbumCLEO 10191993view icon
Controlled BleedingBuried Blessings (1988-90)AlbumCLEO 1022view icon
ConflictEmploying All Means NecessaryAlbumCLEO 1023view icon
The DamnedStrawberriesAlbumCLEO 1029view icon
The March VioletsThe Botanic VersesAlbumCLEO 1030view icon
Gitane DemoneFacets In BlueAlbumCLEO 1039view icon
SynaesthesiaThe CollectionAlbumCLEO 1076view icon
NicoDrama Of ExileAlbumCLEO 1079view icon
Urban DogsUrban DogsAlbumCLEO 1089view icon
Penal ColonyPut Your Hands DownAlbumCLEO 1094view icon
Eva OPast TimesAlbumCLEO 1099view icon
Various ArtistsSignal To Noise - Reinforced Industrial HitsAlbumCLEO 1147view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Rave 4AlbumCLEO 1164view icon
Various ArtistsBlackest Album 3 - An Industrial Tribute To MetallicaAlbumCLEO 1168view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Trance 2.0AlbumCLEO 1181view icon
Various ArtistsA Tribute To Marilyn MansonAlbumCLEO 1186view icon
Various ArtistsA Tribute To ProdigyAlbumCLEO 1190view icon
Future Sound Of LondonThe IsnessAlbumCLEO 1206view icon
Various ArtistsTribute To The Chemical BrothersAlbumCLEO 1235view icon
Christian DeathInvocationsAlbumCLEO 1257view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Rave 5AlbumCLEO 1260view icon
Rosetta StoneAdrenalineAlbumCLEO 1275view icon
ChromeRead Only MemorySingleCLEO 1310view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Trance 3.0AlbumCLEO 1318view icon
Various ArtistsA Tribute To Soft CellAlbumCLEO 1321view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Rave 6 - From Dusk Til DawnAlbumCLEO 1339view icon
GodheadNon-Stop RideAlbumCLEO 1362view icon
Information SocietyPure Energy - The Very Best OfAlbumCLEO 1368view icon
Talla 2XLCTranceologyAlbumCLEO 1389view icon
Various ArtistsBlackest Album 4 - An Industrial Tribute To MetallicaAlbumCLEO 1405view icon
Christian DeathDeath Club - 1981-1993AlbumCLEO 1453view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubElectronomiconAlbumCLEO 1461view icon
Various ArtistsElectro Goth Tribute To PrinceAlbumCLEO 1480view icon
16 VoltThe Best Of 16 VoltAlbumCLEO 1502view icon
Various ArtistsGoth Electro Tribute To Depeche ModeAlbumCLEO 1523view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Rave 7 - Hell Freezes OverAlbumCLEO 1574view icon
Various ArtistsThe WhipAlbumCLEO 15751993view icon
The ProphetessProphetessAlbumCLEO 1592view icon
The ProphetessDichotomyAlbumCLEO 1593Mar 1996view icon
Various ArtistsThis Is Rave-ElectroAlbumCLEO 1686view icon
Various ArtistsElectroCured - An Electro Tribute To The CureAlbumCLEO 1751view icon
Various ArtistsSpace Daze 2000AlbumCLEO 1844Jan 1996view icon
Sigue Sigue SputnikThe First GenerationAlbumCLEO 2035view icon
Johnny ThundersL.A.M.E.(The Lost Mixes)AlbumCLEO 2044view icon
Johnny ThundersQue Sera SeraAlbumCLEO 2049view icon
ChromeAlien SoundtracksSingleCLEO 2075view icon
BlitzThe Killing DreamAlbumCLEO 2129view icon
45 GraveThe Debasement TapesAlbumCLEO 2134view icon
Nik TurnerSphynxAlbumCLEO 2135view icon
Tangerine DreamBoosterAlbumCLEO 2412view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream – The AnthologyAlbumCLEO 2413view icon
AdictsSongs Of PraiseAlbumCLEO 2481view icon
Kommunity FKClose One Sad EyeAlbumCLEO 2756view icon
TunnelmentalThe DemiseAlbumCLEO 3023view icon
ChromeRed ExposureAlbumCLEO 3203view icon
ChromeRetro TransmissionAlbumCLEO 3204view icon
ChromeBlood On The MoonAlbumCLEO 3238view icon
Christian DeathSleepless Nights - Live 1990SingleCLEO 3296view icon
AdictsSound Of MusicAlbumCLEO 3315view icon
AdictsSmart AlexAlbumCLEO 3326view icon
The GermsMedia BlitzAlbumCLEO 3731view icon
Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us ApartSingleCLEO 3828view icon
Sex Gang ChildrenEcstacy And Vendetta Over New YorkAlbumCLEO 3833view icon
Christian DeathThe Path Of SorrowsAlbumCLEO 3993view icon
Screams For TinaScreams For TinaAlbumCLEO 4139view icon
The ExploitedSingles CollectionAlbumCLEO 5000view icon
Vice SquadLive And LoudAlbumCLEO 5100view icon
NosferatuRiseAlbumCLEO 5185view icon
Angelic UpstartsKids On The StreetAlbumCLEO 5680view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial RevolutionAlbumCLEO 5694view icon
Sigue Sigue SputnikFlaunt ItAlbumCLEO 5699view icon
MotörheadOn ParoleAlbumCLEO 5721view icon
Sex Gang ChildrenBlindAlbumCLEO 5722view icon
PressurehedInfadroneAlbumCLEO 5731view icon
HawkwindPsychedelic WarlordsAlbumCLEO 5741view icon
Christian DeathThe Iron MaskAlbumCLEO 5751view icon
KraftwerkThe Model (Compilation)AlbumCLEO 5761view icon
Syd BarrettOctopusAlbumCLEO 5771view icon
HawkwindLord Of LightAlbumCLEO 5773view icon
Voice Of DestructionSteamroller Tactics For Fun And ProfitAlbumCLEO 5811view icon
Iggy PopSister MidnightAlbumCLEO 5818Jul 1999view icon
Various ArtistsElectro WaveAlbumCLEO 5833view icon
Christian DeathSkeleton KissAlbumCLEO 5841view icon
Rozz WilliamsEvery King A Bastard SonAlbumCLEO 5853view icon
KraftwerkRadioactivityAlbumCLEO 5875view icon
KraftwerkTrans Europe ExpressAlbumCLEO 5876view icon
KraftwerkThe Man MachineAlbumCLEO 5877view icon
The ExploitedDon't Forget The ChaosAlbumCLEO 5941view icon
Spahn RanchSpahn Ranch EPSingleCLEO 5943view icon
Adicts27AlbumCLEO 5951view icon
Digital PoodleDivisionAlbumCLEO 60081994view icon
NicoChelsea GirlAlbumCLEO 6108view icon
Mephisto WaltzThe Eternal DeepAlbumCLEO 6308view icon
BlitzBlitz HitsAlbumCLEO 6408view icon
Psychic TVHex Sex (The Singles Part 1)AlbumCLEO 6508view icon
Various ArtistsThe Dark Box - The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection 1980-2011AlbumCLEO 6609view icon
Various ArtistsFirst & Last & Forever: Sisters Of Mercy TributeAlbumCLEO 6647view icon
Beautiful Authentic Zoo GodsBirthSingleCLEO 6675view icon
Various ArtistsMysterious EncountersAlbumCLEO 68081994view icon
KraftwerkShowroom DummiesSingleCLEO 6843view icon
Nik TurnerProphets Of TimeAlbumCLEO 6908view icon
Sex Gang ChildrenPlay With ChildrenAlbumCLEO 6957view icon
Various ArtistsDubstep MadnessAlbumCLEO 7057view icon
AdictsLive And LoudAlbumCLEO 7129view icon
The DamnedTales From The DamnedAlbumCLEO 7139view icon
Chrome3rd From The SunAlbumCLEO 7141view icon
Children On StunTourniquets Of Loves DesireAlbumCLEO 7208view icon
Christian DeathSleepless Nights - Live 1990AlbumCLEO 7209view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubBurn, Baby, Burn!AlbumCLEO 7269view icon
Anti-Nowhere LeagueThe Best OfAlbumCLEO 7279view icon
ChromeHalf Machine Lip MovesSingleCLEO 7286view icon
Carcrash InternationalFragments Of A Journal In HellAlbumCLEO 7309view icon
WrekageCrawling From The WreckageAlbumCLEO 7366view icon
Play DeadThe First FlowerAlbumCLEO 7519view icon
Premature EjaculationNecessary DiscomfortsAlbumCLEO 7593view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial Revolution (2nd Edition)AlbumCLEO 7771view icon
Various ArtistsSpace DazeAlbumCLEO 7916view icon
Various ArtistsSeventy Dubstep - Electronic EssentialsAlbumCLEO 8093view icon
Christian DeathThe Rage Of AngelsAlbumCLEO 8125view icon
MinistryThe Very Best Of Fixes & RemixesAlbumCLEO 8145view icon
Christian DeathDeath BoxBox SetCLEO 8277view icon
Various ArtistsGothic Industrial MadnessVideoCLEO 8326view icon
Various ArtistsDubstepAlbumCLEO 8500view icon
Various ArtistsThe Digital Space BetweenAlbumCLEO 90101994view icon
Various ArtistsDubstep Electro GlitchAlbumCLEO 9100view icon
Christian DeathTales Of InnocenceAlbumCLEO 9109view icon
Rosetta StoneEpitome EPSingleCLEO 9119view icon
Tangerine DreamBooster IIAlbumCLEO 9138view icon
Tangerine DreamBooster IIIAlbumCLEO 9139view icon
Tangerine DreamHyperborea 2008AlbumCLEO 9140view icon
Tangerine DreamTangram 2008AlbumCLEO 9141view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Great Wall Of ChinaAlbumCLEO 9142view icon
Tangerine DreamSpringtime In NagasakiAlbumCLEO 9158view icon
Tangerine DreamSummer In NagasakiAlbumCLEO 9159view icon
Tangerine DreamAutumn In HiroshimaAlbumCLEO 9160view icon
Tangerine DreamWinter In HiroshimaAlbumCLEO 9161view icon
The WakeMaskedAlbumCLEO 9187view icon
Various ArtistsTrance EuropeAlbumCLEO 9243Jul 1996view icon
Mephisto WaltzTerra ReginaAlbumCLEO 9259view icon
Tangerine DreamPhaedra Revisited - 35th Anniversary EditionAlbumCLEO 9275view icon
Tangerine DreamOcean Waves CollectionAlbumCLEO 9276view icon
Tangerine DreamViews From A Red TrainAlbumCLEO 9277view icon
Various ArtistsDubstep BoxAlbumCLEO 9294view icon
Tangerine DreamSilver Siren CollectionAlbumCLEO 9297view icon
Tangerine DreamTangines ScalesAlbumCLEO 9298view icon
Tangerine DreamThe Epsilon Journey - Live In Eindhoven, Netherlands 2008VideoCLEO 9299view icon
Tangerine DreamChandra - The Phantom Ferry Part 1AlbumCLEO 9300view icon
Tangerine DreamCyberjam CollectionAlbumCLEO 9301view icon
Tangerine DreamThe London Eye ConcertVideoCLEO 9302view icon
Broken BonesDeath Is ImminentAlbumCLEO 9309view icon
Rosetta StoneFoundation StonesAlbumCLEO 9323view icon
Tangerine DreamUnder CoverAlbumCLEO 9334view icon
Various ArtistsThe Goth DazeAlbumCLEO 9400Oct 1994view icon
Various ArtistsTrance Europe 2.0(Aural Electronic Dreams)AlbumCLEO 9402view icon
Red Lorry Yellow LorryGenerationAlbumCLEO 9404view icon
BlitzSecond Empire Of JusticeAlbumCLEO 9405view icon
Front Line AssemblyTotal Terror Part 1AlbumCLEO 9410view icon
Front Line AssemblyTotal Terror Part 2AlbumCLEO 9411view icon
Alien Sex FiendDrive My Rocket (The Collection Part 1)AlbumCLEO 9412view icon
MotörheadIron Fist & The Hordes From Hell - Live '78AlbumCLEO 9413view icon
Various ArtistsTrance In Your MindAlbumCLEO 9414view icon
Kommunity FKThe Vision And The VoiceAlbumCLEO 9415view icon
KraftwerkThe Capitol YearsBox SetCLEO 9416view icon
AuroraThe Dimension GateAlbumCLEO 9417view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubSatan’s Little HelpersSingleCLEO 9418view icon
X Marks The PedwalkAbbatoir - The CollectionAlbumCLEO 9419view icon
Christian DeathRage Of AngelsAlbumCLEO 9422view icon
Various ArtistsDubstep AnthemsAlbumCLEO 9429view icon
Total Harmonic DistortionMechanical AdvantageAlbumCLEO 9460view icon
UsherhouseFluxAlbumCLEO 9461view icon
Executive SlacksRepressedAlbumCLEO 9463view icon
Helios CreedBusting Through The Van Allen BeltAlbumCLEO 9465view icon
Eva ODemons Fall For An Angel's KissAlbumCLEO 9466view icon
Robert CalvertFreqAlbumCLEO 9467view icon
Psychic TVA Pagan DayAlbumCLEO 9469view icon
Various ArtistsTotentanz (The Best Of Zoth Ommog)AlbumCLEO 94711994view icon
Spahn RanchBlackmail Starters KitSingleCLEO 9472view icon
Spahn RanchStarters KitAlbumCLEO 9472view icon
Noise UnitStrategy Of ViolenceAlbumCLEO 9475view icon
Various ArtistsInfluence 1.1: Hard TranceAlbumCLEO 9476view icon
Razed In BlackShare This Poison - RetrospectiveAlbumCLEO 9477view icon
Clock DVACollectiveAlbumCLEO 9482view icon
ConflictConclusionAlbumCLEO 9486view icon
DinDecade Of The BrainAlbumCLEO 9489view icon
Helios CreedX-Rated Fairy TalesAlbumCLEO 9490view icon
Psychic TVAllegory And SelfAlbumCLEO 9491view icon
AuroraThe Land Of Harm And AppletreesAlbumCLEO 9493view icon
Big Electric CatDreams Of A Mad KingAlbumCLEO 9495view icon
Digital PoodleNoiseaAlbumCLEO 9498Mar 1995view icon
Various ArtistsTorture OverdriveAlbumCLEO 9499view icon
Various ArtistsTrance Hardcore - Throbbing At 200 bpmAlbumCLEO 9501view icon
Nik TurnerSpace RitualAlbumCLEO 9506view icon
NosferatuProphecyAlbumCLEO 9507view icon
Alien Sex FiendI'm Her Frankenstein (The Collection Part 2)AlbumCLEO 9508view icon
Noise BoxMonkey AssAlbumCLEO 9510view icon
Mephisto WaltzThaliaAlbumCLEO 9511view icon
Penal Colony5 Man JobAlbumCLEO 9512view icon
Psychic TVGodstar (The Singles Part 2)AlbumCLEO 9518view icon
Helios CreedCosmic AssaultAlbumCLEO 9519view icon
Various ArtistsEnchantmentsAlbumCLEO 9520Mar 1995view icon
Lights Of EuphoriaThought MachineAlbumCLEO 9523view icon
Steve Peregrine TookThe Missing Link To Tyrannosaurus RexAlbumCLEO 9528view icon
Alien Sex FiendInfernoAlbumCLEO 9529view icon
Kill Switch… KlickBeat It To Fit, Paint It To MatchAlbumCLEO 9532view icon
Chrome3rd From The Sun And Into The Eyes Of The Zombie KingAlbumCLEO 9533view icon
Birmingham 6AssassinsAlbumCLEO 9534view icon
Various ArtistsGothik: Music From The Dark SideAlbumCLEO 9536May 1995view icon
PsychopompsIn The SkinSingleCLEO 9537view icon
Talla 2XLCTranceology 2AlbumCLEO 9540view icon
Test DepartmentThe Legacy 90-93 (The Singles And More)AlbumCLEO 9541view icon
Die KruppsThe Rings Of SteelAlbumCLEO 9549view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubKiss The GoatAlbumCLEO 95501995view icon
Various ArtistsA Saucerful Of Pink(A Tribute To Pink Floyd)AlbumCLEO 9551Dec 1995view icon
Gitane DemoneWith Love And DementiaAlbumCLEO 9557view icon
Various ArtistsTyranny Off The BeatAlbumCLEO 95591995view icon
Ron GeesinLand Of MistAlbumCLEO 9560view icon
Rosetta StoneThe Tyranny Of Inaction(Edition 1.1)AlbumCLEO 9561view icon
Tangerine DreamBooster IVAlbumCLEO 9563view icon
Tangerine DreamEdgar Allan Poe’s The Island Of The FayAlbumCLEO 9565view icon
Controlled FusionUnnatural CausesAlbumCLEO 9566view icon
Total Harmonic DistortionOutside InAlbumCLEO 9567view icon
ConsequenceVolitionAlbumCLEO 9573May 1996view icon
NeotekBrain Over MuscleAlbumCLEO 9577view icon
Die KruppsFatherlandSingleCLEO 9578view icon
Die KruppsBloodsuckersSingleCLEO 9579view icon
Pygmy ChildrenDeconstructAlbumCLEO 9584view icon
Children On StunCelibacy & AnadinAlbumCLEO 9587view icon
Christian DeathDeath In DetroitAlbumCLEO 9588view icon
Christian DeathThe Death MixAlbumCLEO 9591Apr 1996view icon
Various ArtistsElektro-Industrial Sounds Of The NorthwestAlbumCLEO 9593Aug 1995view icon
Psychic TVForce The Hand Of ChanceAlbumCLEO 9595Jan 1997view icon
X Marks The PedwalkFour Fit (Singles Collection Part 2)AlbumCLEO 9597view icon
Birmingham 6PolicestateSingleCLEO 9600view icon
Noise BoxNuffnutzAlbumCLEO 9608view icon
Melting EuphoriaUpon Solar WindsAlbumCLEO 9609view icon
MinistryEvery Day Is Halloween - Greatest TricksAlbumCLEO 9619view icon
Good CourageOld, Broken And DestroyedAlbumCLEO 9638view icon
Switchblade SymphonySerpentine GalleryAlbumCLEO 9639view icon
The WakeChristine (The Rosetta Stone Mix)AlbumCLEO 9640view icon
DownloadFurnaceAlbumCLEO 9644view icon
Spahn RanchThe Coiled OneAlbumCLEO 96451995view icon
MeteorsCorpse GrinderAlbumCLEO 9647view icon
Various ArtistsGothic Rock 2AlbumCLEO 9648view icon
Big Electric CatBurning EmbersAlbumCLEO 9651view icon
Kill Switch… KlickOddities And VersionsAlbumCLEO 9653view icon
Chaos UKFloggin' The CorpseAlbumCLEO 9654view icon
Front Line AssemblyCorroded DisorderAlbumCLEO 9656view icon
DownloadMicroscopicSingleCLEO 9658Jan 1996view icon
Birmingham 6To Protect And To ServeSingleCLEO 9659Mar 1996view icon
Corpus DelectiSarah BandsAlbumCLEO 9663Jan 1996view icon
Two WitchesBites And KissesAlbumCLEO 9664view icon
Psychic TVTrip ResetAlbumCLEO 9665Feb 1996view icon
Die KruppsIII - Odyssey Of The MindAlbumCLEO 9668Mar 1996view icon
Razed In BlackShrieks, Laments & Anguished CriesAlbumCLEO 9670Mar 1996view icon
Various ArtistsPunk And Disorderly 2VideoCLEO 9672Jan 1996view icon
Various ArtistsThe Passion Of Covers(A Tribute To Bauhaus)AlbumCLEO 9681Feb 1996view icon
Various ArtistsReal Punk-Nasty YearsAlbumCLEO 9684Feb 1996view icon
Nik TurnerPast Or Future?AlbumCLEO 9685Feb 1996view icon
Anti-PastiNo GovernmentAlbumCLEO 9686Feb 1996view icon
Broken BonesComplete SinglesAlbumCLEO 9687Feb 1996view icon
David JThe Moon & The Serpent Grand…AlbumCLEO 9688Mar 1996view icon
Die FormVicious CirclesAlbumCLEO 9689view icon
D.O.A.The Assassination ClubAlbumCLEO 9691Feb 1996view icon
One Way SystemForgotten GenerationAlbumCLEO 9696Mar 1996view icon
Alien Sex FiendLiquid Head In TokyoAlbumCLEO 9699Apr 1996view icon
UK SubsPunk Can Take ItAlbumCLEO 9703Mar 1996view icon
DisorderDriller Killer (The Collection)AlbumCLEO 9704Apr 1996view icon
The WakeNine WaysAlbumCLEO 9708May 1996view icon
NicoICon (Rare & Unreleased)AlbumCLEO 9709Apr 1996view icon
Psychic TVCold Blue TorchAlbumCLEO 9711Apr 1996view icon
Guru GuruSpace Ship (Best Of Part 1)AlbumCLEO 9716Apr 1996view icon
Various ArtistsIn Dub DazeAlbumCLEO 9718Apr 1996view icon
Controlled BleedingInanitionAlbumCLEO 9720Apr 1996view icon
ConflictIt's Time To See…AlbumCLEO 9721Apr 1996view icon
ChameleonsLive ShredsAlbumCLEO 9722Apr 1996view icon
Various ArtistsDemolition Zoth (New, Rare And Lethal)AlbumCLEO 9725May 1996view icon
Die KruppsIsolationSingleCLEO 9730May 1996view icon
Various ArtistsElectronic ClassixAlbumCLEO 9731May 1996view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial Revolution (3rd Edition)AlbumCLEO 97321996view icon
Noise UnitDecoderAlbumCLEO 9734May 1996view icon
Front Line AssemblyState Of MindAlbumCLEO 9735May 1996view icon
Spahn RanchIn Parts Assembled SolelyAlbumCLEO 9740May 1996view icon
Guru GuruSpace Ship (Best Of Part 1)AlbumCLEO 9744view icon
ChromeBox SetBox SetCLEO 9770view icon
Rosetta StoneHiding In WaitingAlbumCLEO 97771996view icon
The Electric Hellfire ClubCalling Dr LuvAlbumCLEO 97971996view icon
Various ArtistsDread OperatorsAlbumCLEO 9825Nov 1996view icon
Good CourageNew, Fixed & RemixedAlbumCLEO 9878Apr 1997view icon
GodheadsOrdinary SwoonAlbumCLEO 9888Jun 1997view icon
Digital PoodleCombatAlbumCLEO 99051997view icon
Various ArtistsTrance SpottingAlbumCLEO 9913Apr 1997view icon
Noise BoxThe BeginningAlbumCLEO 9927Jun 1997view icon
FoetusNull/VoidAlbumCLEO 9931Apr 1997view icon
ConflictDeploying All Means Necessary: Issue 2AlbumCLEO 9932Jun 1997view icon
Various ArtistsTrance League ExpressAlbumCLEO 9934Apr 1997view icon
Razed In BlackOverflowAlbumCLEO 9956view icon
The DamnedThe Chaos YearsAlbumCLEO 9960Apr 1997view icon
AdictsUltimate AddictionAlbumCLEO 9963Jul 1997view icon
Various ArtistsMore Exclusive AlternativesAlbumCLEO 9967Apr 1997view icon
Various ArtistsIndustrial Mix MachineAlbumCLEO 9969May 1997view icon
Spahn RanchArchitectureAlbumCLEO 9977Apr 1997view icon
<PIG>Praise The LardAlbumCLEO 9980Apr 1997view icon
Chaos UKThe Morning After The Night BeforeAlbumCLEO 9982Apr 1997view icon
Various ArtistsHolidays In The SunAlbumCLEO 9994May 1997view icon
Switchblade SymphonyClownSingleCLEO 9999view icon
Various ArtistsWired InjectionsAlbumPRO3Feb 1996view icon

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