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Klutæ Discography


Klutæ Excluded Album primary image cover photoExcludedSeptember 1992view icon
Klutæ Excepted Album primary image cover photoExcepted1993view icon
Klutæ Hit'n'Run Album primary image cover photoHit'n'RunMarch 2006view icon
Klutæ Electro Punks Unite Album primary image cover photoElectro Punks Unite2011view icon
Klutæ EXEcution Album primary image cover photoEXEcution5 October 2012view icon
Klutæ Black Piranha Album primary image cover photoBlack Piranha7 June 2017view icon
Klutæ Queer For Satan Album primary image cover photoQueer For Satan1 August 2020view icon


Klutæ Explicit Single primary image cover photoExplicit1991view icon
Klutæ Excel EP Single primary image cover photoExcel EPJanuary 1996view icon
Klutæ Sinner Single primary image cover photoSinnerFebruary 2006view icon
Klutæ Slippery When Dead Single primary image cover photoSlippery When Dead2011view icon
Klutæ ÆBM Single primary image cover photoÆBMApril 2011view icon

Music Videos

Stagnant Water18 June 2011view icon
Bones In The Furnace13 June 2012view icon
The Wire & The Cuffs24 June 2017view icon
Psycho Love3 July 2020view icon

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