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In the summer of 2012, Claus formed a new band with Marco Biagiotti (of Decoded Feedback) called Sequential Access. Sequential Access's first release is Sex Addicts Anonymous due for release on the 23rd September 2014.
Sex Addicts Anonymous cover image

Leæther Strip's next release is to be a cover versions album titled "Æppreciation" to be released via Emmo.biz. There will be a single "Decay" (Twice A Man cover) plus video (directed by Roland Needle Danielzig) released on 13th November 2014.

Leæther Strip's current release is The Gift single
The Gift cover image

Leæther Strip's previous release Æscapism
Æscapism cover image

There are no known plans for the next Klutæ release.

Klutæ's current release is EXEcution
Execution cover image

Klutæ's previous release was Electro Punks Unite
Electro Punks Unite cover image

Other artists have requested Claus' skills including album mastering:

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